Refuge(e) is a 15 minute documentary film that traces the incredible journey of two refugees, Alpha and Zeferino. Each fled violent threats to their life in their home countries, made the long, dangerous trip across most of the Western hemisphere to the US/Mexico border, and presented themselves at the border asking for political asylum only to be incarcerated in a for-profit prison in Cibola County, New Mexico for months on end without having committed any crime. They represent thousands more like them who can't tell their stories, and their fight for freedom and the right to live calls into question the nature of our immigrant detention system.

Interested in hosting a screening? Please email to receive access to the film along with our screening toolkit, which includes sample discussion questions, movie posters, postcards, etc.

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May 30, 10am: Refuge(e) film screening at Colorado Rocky Mountain School in Carbondale, CO.

May 24-27: Refuge(e) film screenings at Mountainfilm Festival in Telluride, CO.

May 15, 6pm: Refuge(e) film screening at The Red Nation in Albuquerque, NM.

May 8, 3:15pm: Refuge(e) film screening at St.John’s College in Santa Fe, NM.

March 17, 4 - 5:30pm: Refuge(e) film screening & community engagement event at Unitarian Universalist Church.

March 14, 6-8pm: Refuge(e) Film Premiere at Violet Crown SOLD OUT

Refuge(e) will be publicly available soon, ….stay tuned!


“The film successfully mixes traditional documentary style with illustrated watercolor animations that lend emotional depth to the depiction of personal memories such as the men's nightmarish accounts of trekking through the Central American jungle and their experiences in the Cibola County Correctional Center. The result is a touching exposé of the horrors that might cause a person to leave everything behind, the relief of arriving at the border, and the treatment refugees face in the US immigration system.”

GIVE THEM REFUGE: Santa Fe Reporter, March 2019