Why Community Bank?


  • Instead of banking with companies that are profiting from private prisons and family detention — bank knowing that you’re supporting your local community


Local Roots:  

  • Community banks are more relationship-based. Branches are smaller and more intimate, and they may end up knowing your whole family. This personalized service helps small banks chalk up high personal satisfaction scores.

  • Big banks have many reporting levels and higher staff turnover. These conditions can make it harder to get fees waived or good loan rates negotiated.

Lower Fees:

  • Community banks usually offer lower fees than big banks. The majority of small banks offer free checking, lower overdraft fees, and balance requirements for avoiding checking fees. Some small banks are even reimbursing several, if not all, surcharges at out-of-network ATMs.

Better Loans:

  • Community banks can offer more commercial loans than big banks. And rates on car loans may be cheaper, too.