1. Join the movement to divest the New Mexico Educational Retirement Board! If you are an educator in the state of New Mexico, you retirement funds have direct holdings in Core Civic and GeoGroup that amount to a combined total of just over $2 million. The NMERB covers about 60,000 active members and 47,000 retirees, ranging from public school teachers, administrators and staff to college faculty and staff. As of 12/31/2018 they owned 24,000 shares of CoreCivic, which is worth $483,000, and 24,600 shares of Geo Group, which is worth $576,000. In 2019, they have increased their shares in each of these companies and have clearly indicated that they do not support divestment. If you are a teacher in the state of NM and you disagree with your retirements funding the incarceration of immigrants, contact us to find out how you can get involved!

2.  Show your support for Bills and Resolutions which work towards implementing a Socially Responsible Investment Policy for the City of Santa Fe. An SRI policy would mean that not only can the City thoroughly divest from private prison stock, it can then go on to comprehensively divest from the fossil fuel industry, exploitative labor, and more.  City Councillor Villareal is ready to introduce a Resolution to push for a Socially Responsible Investment Policy - however, there are some barriers to this at the State level.  We are working with a group of activists and government employees to pave the way forward in making this possible.

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If Santa Fe divested from private prisons today, what would you reinvest in?

3.  Support a New Mexico State Public Bank.  Even if the big banks divest from one or more reprehensible industries, they will almost inevitably still be complicit in others.  The only way to ensure that the bank our public money funds is investing ethically is to have greater transparency and public control over those decisions via a public bank.  

New Mexico House Memorial 41, to conduct a feasibility study on establishing a state-owned bank, was introduced by Representative McQueen on 2/13/2019.  More information coming soon on how you can support this Bill.